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About The Key Company:





Company History

Wynlow (Bud) Ohlsen founded The KEY Company in 1959.  It started out slowly, with Bud’s commitment to providing high quality health care products and diligence in supporting health care professionals with exceptional nutritional supplements; however, he never lost sight of one day selling his own vitamin and mineral supplements. 

In the beginning, there were long days spent traveling to health and medical professionals in Joplin and Kansas City, while evenings involved assembling product and educational literature and samples in his family living room in Kirkwood, Missouri.  It was then that Bud began to develop, pioneer and facilitate his concepts into a business whereby his goal to spread the message of the importance of optimum nutrition and the significant effect it had on the human body could be realized.

As health and medical professionals recognized his dedication, forethought and initiative, The KEY Company grew and expanded from a modest office on Kirkwood Road to a larger facility on North Harrison to ultimately the office of his dreams on West Essex Avenue, where the business continues to carry out his mission to this day.

With much scientific research, dedication, deliberation and collaboration with various laboratories, formulation of the purest health products that were sugar, starch, yeast, soy, rice and gluten free, and that contained no wheat, corn rye or other grains which could cause an allergic reaction were achieved.  Bud insisted on using only the finest natural ingredients; and to this day, The KEY Company proudly upholds his standards.

Bud passed away in April 2002, however, his legacy continues to live on each and every day as we continue to support health and medical professionals with their patient’s nutritional and supplemental needs.


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